Common Desktop issues and its solutions

  • Windows Re-Booting :
Reason :  It might be due to VIUS or sometime even due to the RAM.
Solution : Better Format your Desktop and if it is due to RAM, Just remove it and try to clean the RAM   slot and refit the RAM once again. Even then if the problem is not recovered, better call the technician and replace it with a new RAM.

  • Continuous 3 Beep Sound in Computer :
This is mainly due to the RAM problem. Better remove the RAM and fix it once again or replace it with the new one.

  • Launch Start up Repair :  
A lot of times if Windows can’t boot properly because of a hardware change, unexpected shutdown, or other errors, it will come up with the Windows Error Recovery screen. This gives you the option to go into Start up Repair or try to boot Windows normally.  Insert your Windows CD/DVD and select Start up Repair. The action will be performed automatically further.

  • No Audio Output :
This issue is due to the Audio driver that might not be installed properly.Or sometime even you would have set the audio into mute mode unknowingly.
  • No Display during start up :
This issue is most common in most of the computers. Better Clean the RAM and its port and refit it once again or clean and replace your Graphics card and slot (if you have). In worst case better call the technician and replace it.
  • Slow Processing speed :  
This might be due to the Hard Disk problem or OS crash. Primarily reinstall your OS, or replace your hard disk with the new one. 
  • CD/DVD Drive ejecting issue :
Your CD/DVD might not be ejected immediately when ever you press the eject button or even sometime it may be ejected automatically. This is due to the Ribbon or band inside the Drive. Better replace it.
Note : Its advisable to place an empty CD/DVD always for preventing from this issue.

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